Code of Conduct

Be kind to others, enjoy the conference, and share your knowledge!

Our developers conference is a platform where you and your colleagues can share your knowledge through face-to-face conversations with like-minded IT specialists. This conference should again, be an enjoyable, knowledgeable experience in a safe and productive environment with a great atmosphere. The organizers strive to create the best possible learning experience for everyone within our sharing network of individuals. Of course, we also expect you to do the same.

We’re keen to share and discuss your feedback, observations and experiences during the conference, as well as explore and discuss any thoughts and ideas you may have regarding this and future events; so please ask questions, start conversations, while being mindful of others around you. Help us to ensure a great experience for everyone.

Luminis has been a proponent of openness and sharing since its foundation. Knowledge is the only treasure that increases by sharing – is an African proverb, that reflects our belief-system. We’re determined to increase our “treasure” by sharing our knowledge through e.g. our developers’ conference. Meeting people and exchanging experiences and ideas, in-turn, enriches our insights and the value of our network. Being an active part of this developers’ community allow us all to explore the future together and grow our knowledge.

If you witness any unaccepted behavior please contact the organizers.

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