- 17:30
Cinema 4

AR you ready?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an upcoming technology that is finding its way into our every day lives. Just look at the Ikea Place, Pokemon Go, and Google Translate apps. AR has the potential to change the way we shop, buy, do our jobs, and even the way we see our world.

A whole new future was promised when Google introduced their Google glass in 2011. Despite the possibilities, AR never lived up to its expectations. However, AR is back! Will it change the world for real this time?

I will give you a view on reality and discuss the differences between virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. We will dive into some current uses of AR and the possibilities. I will show you how easy it is to create a basic AR app. Furthermore, I will discuss some of the past and present day limitations of AR and why Machine Learning plays a big part in this.

After this talk you AR ready for the future we were promised years ago!

About the speakers


Max van de Laar

Front-end developer at Luminis /Eindhoven

Max is front-end developer at Luminis Eindhoven. He has a broad experience creating web applications for various types of industries. Besides front-end development, Max also worked on several apps using Xamarin, Swift, and React Native. He has a healthy interest in how tech is evolving and he loves to speculate what Industry 4.0 will bring us and how it will impact the future. Currently, Max is diving deeper in the different types reality and how it can further improve current industries.

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