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Are we Data-Driven? An Introduction to DataOps

Being data-driven is becoming an inevitable part of current businesses. There are many motivations to become data-driven such as working more lean, improving customer centricity, improving business agility and business and market growth. This presentation looks at the genesis of computers, artificial intelligence, and data science.  It then discusses what roles exist within data-science which can help data-driven organizations as well as the necessary set of skills and available platforms and software-stacks. I will talk about current data science approaches and tools as well as their limitations and possible future trends. Finally, I talk about data-drivenness maturity, roadmaps, people and changes, and team-building and communication to bring data science to a higher level within organizations, companies or any enterprises.

About the speakers



Data Scientist at Luminis /Amsterdam

Majid Bahrepour, PhD has over 22 years of experience in IT of which is over 12 years in data science and digital transformation. Majid has both hands-on experience (Python, PySpark, R, Data Pipelines, etc.) as well as business background (translating business to data science, writing proposals, requirement gathering, etc.). He has gained his experience through both academic track (A PhD degree with publishing over 20 scientific papers in data science) as well as his background in business and management consultancy. He also recently obtained his senior membership title from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), because of his significant contribution to his profession. Majid’s focus is currently to help businesses to benefit more from being data-driven as well as bringing data science to a higher level within organizations.

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