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- 17:30
Cinema 7
Beginner -

Augmented Reality: sounds great! When can I really use it?

Ever since Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality is touted as the new way how we will interact with computers. Augmented Reality (AR) enables you to create applications that don’t live on your screen, but in the world around you. Now, it’s easier than ever to actually use AR on iOS or Android; there are millions of mobile phones that support this technology. What we see in the app stores now is only the first wave of AR apps. Sure, you can download the Ikea app to see if your new sofa will fit in your living room, or you can turn your face into something funny with Snapchat. Question is, how do you design new AR experiences that are useful and easy to learn?

In this talk, you’ll learn about the opportunities and boundaries of AR. Intended for developers and designers alike, you’ll be able to start building and testing AR prototypes. You’ll take away a few design patterns that are emerging right now. Also, you’ll learn which human behaviors we can cater to when designing experiences that augment reality. Finally, you’ll see some technical examples using the Unity game engine and ARKit, the framework Apple developed for iOS.

About the speakers


GP Gooiker

Interaction designer at Luminis /Rotterdam

GP likes to design and build digital stuff. From the moment he got his Atari with a whopping 1Mb memory, he has been tinkering with computers. Part of the front-end group of Luminis in Rotterdam, he spends most of his time developing web applications. He likes to design apps as well, connecting stakeholders to developers. Before it was cool, he was involved with building 3D models for a project that aimed to cure phobias in Virtual Reality. As a side project, he’s making apps that live in the real world using mixed reality technology.