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- 13:15
Cinema 6
Intermediate -

Automate your automated deployment pipeline

At the Dutch Tax Office Benefits (Belastingdienst Toeslagen) software development is becoming more fun because of Continuous Delivery. In this talk we will have a look at one of the largest and complex .Net applications of the Netherlands. We will see how complete automation, testability and infrastructure as code completely changed the deployment pipeline. Out of which stack of tools consist the deployment pipeline and why? How do 12 scrum teams deploy software into production? And why is the deployment of the pipeline itself automated? These questions will be answered and you will see the full pipeline in action!

About the speakers

Software Engineer at Luminis Apeldoorn

Arian is software engineer at Luminis Apeldoorn. Loves to make beautiful software solve real business problems. Specialized for the last 15 years in the Microsoft and web technology stack.

Software Architect at de Belastingdienst

Software enthousiast, musical mishap, and allround geek. Nico werkt als software ontwikkelaar bij de Belastingdienst op het Toeslagen platform. Hiervoor heeft hij in de game technology sector gewerkt, heeft hij les gegeven in het hoger onderwijs en momenteel doet hij vrolijk mee aan diverse (.Net) open source projecten.