- 13:15
Cinema 4

Bookaroo: Ontwerpen van een Voice User Interface

In the late nineties the internet became graphical with browsers that supported images and advanced layouts. But there were no designers yet that could work within the (still quite restricting) restraints of this technology and no developers that were design-savvy enough to create something that went beyond the boring default. So these first days of the graphical internet were filled with either badly build or poorly designed websites. Lucky for us, these days are long gone. But with the recent emergence of voice technology a void seems to be occurring that is quite similar to the void back then.

What are the skills current UX designers and developers lack? Who is responsible for creating these new voice experiences? What tooling can be used? Is this really relevant or will voice die silently over the next few years anyway? To start looking for answers I started a voice project together with some colleagues: Bookaroo – a voice-controlled booking assistant. In this talk we use the example of this project to answer the most relevant questions around the design of a voice interface.

About the speakers



Designer at Luminis /Arnhem

I’m a designer with a broad experience in creating (web) applications and other digital experiences. I believe that you can’t be the best at what you do when you only do what you are best at. That is why I also write about product development and everyday human/technology relations. And I try to code. That doesn’t make me a writer or an engineer, but I believe it makes me a better designer.

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