- 11:45
Cinema 5

Building low-code, cheap & cloud-powered IoT solutions at light speed

These days, IoT solutions mostly consist of a bunch of sensors and controls connected to the internet. Once there, the sky is the limit, thanks to the power of the cloud. A great starting point for anyone looking to dive into this field is AWS. Its platform contains a lot of managed services and frameworks for integrating hardware into complex serverless solutions. Following well documented best practices, getting your IoT innovation flywheel spinning is as easy as 1-2-3. And it costs you next to nothing!

During this talk, Rachid will walk you through every step of the engineering process using a WiFi connected ESP32 that will be the center of a serious game demonstration. Once provisioned and securely connected, devices will start delivering their data and receiving commands from clients at the other end of the internet. Taking an event-driven approach, the serverless backend delivers a tremendous amount of power while being surprisingly simple to understand and maintain. And the best part: most of this is done writing hardly any code.

After this talk you:

  • learned how to connect hardware to the cloud.
  • got an overview of AWS IoT services.
  • can design an IoT application using the AWS IoT Lens.
  • know the power of thinking serverless!

About the speakers


Rachid Ben Moussa

Software Architect at Luminis /Arnhem
Rachid is a software architect at Luminis with 15 years of hands-on experience on the Java platform. He has worked on diverse projects for various clients in sectors like energy, finance and education. A history of projects in various technologies like Java, OSGi, Kotlin and with a focus on Test-driven development.
Rachid is in particular interested in topics where software meets hardware. Past three years he was responsible for extending and maintaining backend services for an IoT project with 100K connected smart thermostats. Software architect by day, microcontroller hacker by night; these two passions combined make the love for IoT in the cloud inevitable!
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