- 17:30
Cinema 1

Continuous delivery for mobile apps

Continuous delivery for mobile apps is already available for a long time. However, to our surprise we noticed that not many teams have implemented this in their CI/CD pipeline. In our opinion, all mobile app teams should embrace CI/CD because it will benefit the development team, the product owner, the beta testers and most importantly, the end user. In this talk we will give an overview of the CD landscape for mobile apps. What tools and platform to use and how to set it up. Awesome demos guaranteed!

About the speakers



Software Engineer at Luminis /Arnhem

As a Java developer, Steef loves to take deep dives into technology stacks. He believes that being a good developer is so much more than writing readable and elegant code. Developers should never lose focus on what they are trying to achieve with the software. Recently he has picked up on the no-interface hype and is working to integrate a smart home thermostat system with platforms like Alexa and IFTTT. Besides talking to Alexa, Steef likes to go for a run or bike ride and is trying to combine those in the near future.



Software Engineer at Luminis /Arnhem

Frank Folsche is a Full Stack software developer. His role has grown over the years because he thinks it’s so much fun to be involved finding solutions for problems and challenges. He started as a .NET developer and from there on he has explored the various aspects of software development. From being a scrum master to finally being able to do front-end development the right way (the back-end way). Combine this with Xamarin and add Azure wherever possible and Frank is totally in his element.
Currently he is more and more focused on building cloud native applications in Azure and managing, building, deploying them there using Azure DevOps.

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