- 17:30
Cinema 4

“DDOS as a Service”: Using JMeter, Docker and AWS to Load test your application

Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? Fifty thousand? Or just one thousand? How many requests/connections can your system handle before it decides it needs a break? What kind of connection rates (Opened connections per second) can it handle?

These are the kinds of questions that we needed to answer in a project where we had several thousands devices connected to our backend.

In this talk I will discuss how we broke our own application by performing load tests, the problems that we encountered and how we solved them. We needed to make certain calculations and plan in a certain way in order to be ahead of the reality and make sure we are ready for the near future. I will discuss the stack we used to test these cases, namely JMeter, Docker and AWS (Amazon EC2, CloudWatch, S3, AWS-CLI). I will also discuss how to automate this in order to start your load tests via the command line or via a script.

About the speakers



Software Engineer at Luminis /Arnhem

Evertson has been working as a software engineer at Luminis for over 3 years. He is interested in connecting the real world to the digital world by using technology. This is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), which was the topic of his master thesis and which he works on every day at Luminis through the BDR project (Smart thermostat). He has worked the last three years on this project in the capacity of front-end and back-end engineer. He has also been responsible for leading the load testing initiatives for this project, which is the topic he will be covering at this conference.

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