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Death to DTAP or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Test in Production

In this current day and age of Agile, Devops and Cloud it is all about going to production ASAP. One of the bottlenecks I noticed is the tedious and slow Develop-to-Production cycles that happen when working on a project with a classical Develop-Test-Acceptance-Production approach. Especially the part where T and A cause significant slow-downs because of numerous reasons.

This is the story about me and my team, where we took the bold move to skip the Test and Acceptance environment by directly going from Development to Production to speed up the delivery while still ensuring quality and mitigating customer impact. I will talk about some of the common problems there are with Test and Acceptance and what kind of solutions we use now as a replacement for these environments. I will cover the lessons learned and the things we could still improve on.

With this talk I hope to inspire you on how to break with conventions while still delivering the highest quality software and improving your team’s performance so you can deliver your software quickly and confidently.

About the speakers



Software Architect at Luminis /Rotterdam

Willem has been fascinated with computers as long as he can remember. He started coding when he was eight years old and began his professional career as a Full Stack developer around 2000. After 20 years he has built up a tremendous amount of experience in building enterprise systems for larger and smaller companies.
Currently, he is working as an architect on a big-data cloud project, but he also likes to share his knowledge for example by giving workshops or as a speaker at conferences.Willem’s favorite quote is: “Keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler”. As a pragmatist, he is always seeking the balance between quality, functionality and not to forget: fun!

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