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Don’t buy a smart thermostat, build your own!

There are numerous smart thermostats available on the market. Nowadays you get one for ‘free’ when you buy a new HVAC system.

But, that isn’t fun, is it? We love to Do It Ourselves!

During this talk I will explain how I used a small rather inexpensive piece of hardware and cloud services to make my HVAC an IoT system which I can control with my voice!

While I explain how to make a voice controlled connected HVAC system, I’ll illustrate what technological choices have been made, which cloud services fitted best and what kind of challenges arise for IoT ecosystems that are be used by customers: You don’t want your HVAC not to start heating when it’s freezing outside!

About the speakers


Auke Noppe

Software engineer at Luminis /Arnhem
Auke is a software enthusiast who is getting more and more cloud focussed. He is in the field for almost 15 years and has always been passionate about IoT solutions. It may not be a surprise that all the projects he has worked on so far, have some relation with IoT and/or remote systems: currently he is working as an architect on a cloud migration for a smart thermostat ecosystem. In his spare time he likes to improve his home automation setup. Auke doesn’t hesitate to solve difficult problems, but is always looking for ways to make things easier for himself or the people around him. Therefore his motto is: “Work smarter, not harder!”.
He likes to share his knowledge about cloud and new technologies at internal sessions at Luminis or customer sites. The desire to share on a public stage increased every day, with his debut at Luminis DevCon 2020.
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