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Event Storm your way with Domain Driven Design

Software development is a complex task that is destined to under deliver with respect to time and money if not correctly performed; software development requires craftsmanship involving not only coding, but starts with modeling. We have been accustomed with Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) for ages and the next logical step in software development approach is Domain Driven Design (DDD), which builds upon OOAD. DDD is a way of thinking and a set of priorities, 
aimed at accelerating software projects that 
have to deal with complicated domains by focusing on domains and connect domain experts with technical experts. DDD is all about looking at real world problems, learning how to break them down into smaller pieces and then solving them in the most efficient way. Keywords are Collaboration, Communication and Context.

Event Storming (ES) is a workshop format for quickly exploring complex business domains and come up with the basic elements of the domain models. ES is a rapid, lightweight, and under appreciated group modeling technique that is intense, fun, and useful for accelerating development teams. The technique isn’t limited to software development. You can apply it to practically any technical or business domain, especially those that are large, complex, or both.

In this presentation we will introduce you to DDD, event sourcing, CQRS and efficient and effective modeling using Event Storming.

About the speakers



Software Architect at Luminis /Technologies

Marc is an experience architect at Luminis Technologies with almost 25 years of experience. Marc’s focus is mainly open source backend and (mobile) frontend technology. Besides his broad focus he is also specialised in Enterprise Search, Profiling and Recommendation, EAI and Semantic Web.

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