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Kotlin from the trenches at

While you probably have heard about Kotlin before and have seen talks about Kotlin already, did you ever wonder what it is really like to use in an actual production service? In this talk we are going to walk you through our experiences with using Kotlin in a business critical microservice running in the cloud. We will show you examples of how we use it in the offer highway of and explain what we love and hate about it. How did we build our own DSL, did we gain a productivity improvement or did we crash and burn? Join us to find out!

About the speakers


Niels Dommerholt

Software Architect

Niels is a freelance software engineer / architect with over 15 years of experience working on complex enterprise projects. He’s passionate about a wide range of software engineering topics, such as clean code, CI/CD, architecture, frameworks and programming concepts. This passion he likes to express in trainings, blog posts, magazine articles and talks. His focus when developing solutions for clients is to strike an optimal balance between adding value in the short term and building maintainable systems in the long term.


Sofie van den Borne

Software engineer at Luminis /Amsterdam

Sofie is een ambitieuze full stack software engineer bij Luminis met ruime ervaring in uiteenlopende projecten waarin ze zowel backend- als front-end werk op zich neemt. Ze kijkt met een kritische blik naar wat er gebouwd moet worden en hoe dat zo goed mogelijk te doen. Daarbij vindt ze het belangrijk om goed te communiceren met de klant om gezamenlijk naar de juiste oplossing te zoeken.

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