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Looking Back at the Future of Serverless

A little over five years ago Amazon Web Services launched a revolutionary new concept called Lambda. With AWS Lambda it was possible to run a little piece of code, on-demand, in the Cloud. It would automatically scale, and you would only have to pay for it if it actually ran. Around the same time the term ‘Serverless’ was coined. For a while Serverless was synonymous with Functions as a Service (FaaS). In recent times Serverless has moved beyond just functions and expanded to middleware, and other higher level managed services provided by cloud vendors.

In this talk I will look back at what Lambda and the likes have brought us in these past five years. I will discuss the current state of Serverless and how it is likely to progress into the future. But more importantly, I will debate how Serverless will fundamentally change everything you know about software development.

About the speakers


Bert Ertman

VP Technology at Luminis

A frequent speaker on Java, Cloud, and software architecture all over the world. Book author, and serial conference organizer. Bert Ertman was awarded the coveted title of Java Champion in 2008, and is a JavaOne RockStar speaker and Duke’s Choice award winner.

Bert was voted as best rated speaker of DevCon 2018 & 2019!

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