About the speakers


René van Hees

Chief Software Architect at Thales Netherlands

René van Hees is the Chief Software Architect at Thales Netherlands. René has worked for several software companies in both the Netherlands and Germany before he started at Thales Netherlands in 2002. In his role of Chief Software Architect, he is responsible for all technological, process, methodology, architectural and innovation related aspects concerning the development of the (real time embedded) software. After some years of research Thales is now actually migrating to a real-time distributed (micro) service architecture. This is described in the fully open INAETICS architecture (www.inaetics.org).


Rudy van Buren

Winnaar van McLaren's Worlds fastest Gamer 2017

Rudy van Buren is de winnaar van McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer. Als prijs is Rudy officieel als McLaren’s F1 simulator test driver benoemd. Hij heeft meer dan 30000 andere deelnemers verslagen om deze eSport-competitie te winnen.



Hans Bossenbroek

Co-founder & CEO of Luminis

Hans Bossenbroek is one of the founders and Chief Executive of Luminis. After a long career working for consultancy organisations and doing freelance jobs, Hans concluded that the potential of IT, the inherent complexity of software engineering and the power of innovation can only be unlocked by harnessing the power of the collective. It may seem strange, but this coincides with his love for jazz music, diving and mountaineering. They all build upon the aptitude, discipline and persistence of the individual in a team.

This complex reality is aptly described by Neil Young: “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”.