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Our brain, the supercomputer of the human system?

Our brain…. A fascinating piece of hardware. How does it work? We are all unique, but also all the same. We all have similar hardware, our organs, our bodies. We all have software, patterns we learned and practiced our whole live, we have software that determines how we interact with others, but also our breathing is software. And we all need energy to let our human system work. Food is a form of energy, creativity is a form of energy and there are many more ways to energize ourselves. But how does it all work? The real question is how can I use my brain to create for me? How do I learn? How can I activate my creativity? How can we help ourselves create new neural pathways? And how can we recognize our own mall ware? If you would like to experience more insight in our human system, this interactive talk is for you.

About the speakers



Agile coach at Luminis /Amsterdam

Ivon has the role of agile project manager and agile coach at Luminis Amsterdam. She is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator with over 15 years of experience. Because of her profound interest in neuroscience and as she calls it “the Human System”, she worked as a Brain-trainer for more than 8 years, which gave her the rare opportunity to research healthy brains and how people program themselves. She is fascinated by “the natural way of learning” and the role we give “the human brain”.
Guiding individuals and teams in developing the right mindset, creating structure and discovering their iterative way of working became one of her personal passions.

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