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- 13:15
Cinema 5
Beginner -

Stop w(REST)ling with your API’s: an introduction to GraphQL

Recognize this? You have a great data model and want to expose it to a client over HTTP. But to do that, you have to either…

– do multiple joins before you can generate a view of your data.
– expose multiple endpoints for similar views
– break RESTful conventions.
– or do multiple request for a single view.

And to add insult to injury, whenever you update your schema, you have to update endpoints as well! That’s a problem. But there’s a solution: GraphQL. With GraphQL it is possible to allow the frontend to decide what data it needs, without the backend needing to provide an endpoint for every type of view and allowing the backend to only return the data that is needed by the front end. Nothing more and nothing less. GraphQL has been adopted by several notable companies, including Facebook, Github, Yelp, Coursera and Shopify.

This talk explores GraphQL, the difference between REST and GraphQL and how to set up a GraphQL server (In Node JS, also possible in other languages). Furthermore, you will learn more about the GraphQL Schema, Queries, Mutations and Subscriptions. And there will be demos too!

About the speakers


Evertson Croes

Software Engineer at Luminis /Arnhem

Evertson has been working as a software engineer at Luminis for over 2 years. He is interested in connecting the real world to the digital world by using technology. This is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), which was the topic of his master thesis and which he works on every day at Luminis through the BDR project (Smart thermostat). He has worked the last two years on this project in the capacity of front-end and back-end engineer. On his free time he enjoys working on side projects with new technology stacks, such as GraphQL.