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- 12:00
Cinema 7
Beginner -

The Internet of Drums

The Internet of Drums is a magical device that translates 1’s and 0’s to BADUMs and TISHes. IoT has never been so loud and exciting.

During this talk, the audience can control the drum machine with their smartphone, while they explore its design and execution in detail. What’s in the box? What’s in the cloud? How do they communicate? How do I make one myself?

Because that’s the best part: you can build the whole thing yourself! The Internet of Drums is totally open source: from laser-cut case design to backend software. Instructions included, pull requests welcome.

About the speakers


Piet van Dongen

Full stack developer at Luminis /Arnhem

Piet is an experienced and passionate full stack developer, always aiming to improve himself and those around him.
He believes that the key to success in the software business lies in the sharing of knowledge, sources and solutions — we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. That’s why he loves to dive deep into new technologies and share his findings with an audience. The more we connect, the better we get.