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- 12:00
Cinema 6
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The story map – New dimensions to your product backlog

Building a story map adds an extra dimension to your otherwise flat product backlog. It’s well suited to keep a clear, user-facing overview of your product requirements while maintaining the benefits of an ordinary product backlog.
In this talk, I will explore the value of building a story map alongside your product backlog. How it will visualize larger scenarios and guide your release schedule in a sensible and agile fashion. I will approach its use from both a new product perspective as well as existing product development.
Frustrated by the limitations of a classic product backlog? Looking for a better way to organize your requirements without casting them in stone? This talk is for you!

About the speakers

Software Architect at Luminis Arnhem

Walter breaths scrum and spits code. He is a passionate software professional with a background in software engineering and extensive experience with agile and scrum. He loves to solve the real-world challenges of software development and has been doing that for almost a decade on numerous projects in various domains.