- 11:45
Cinema 4

Using browser extensions and the Cloud to save the world

2019 was the year of forest fires, melting ice caps and the warnings of a 17 year old Swedish girl. In 2020 we’re going to help turn this around and make Greta proud.

How? With the power of web technologies! Our team has developed a browser extension that lets users plant trees, without having to pay a cent.

During this talk we will walk through the process of designing and developing our application, the challenges we had and of course demonstrate a working implementation. At the end, you will know all about the possibilities of these kind of applications and how to build one yourself.

About the speakers


Janek Ozga

Software Engineer at Luminis /Arnhem

Janek is a software engineer at Luminis focusing on front-end web development hailing from Nijmegen. He solves problems and beautifies things. Less than two years ago he received his bachelor’s degree and afterwards started looking for an awesome company to expand his skills. This turned out to be Luminis. He started building multiple exciting projects for Luminis at Omons, Jifeline  and at the moment Remeha.

At the same time the urge to start up his own company became greater and greater. This is why he started looking for an initiative to further broaden his horizon and give something back to the world. You can learn more about this start-up in his talk.

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