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What a Service Mesh can do for your Microservices architecture

You have been creating this modern architecture for your applications and services. Continuous delivery pipelines, cloud-based deployments, and Kubernetes managed Docker containers. You are ready to scale beyond your wildest dreams. Now, while taking a step back, you notice that your services contain more than just the business logic you intended to writeCommunication is key in a distributed system, so you will need additional functionality for doing proper service to service communication. But should the responsibility live within your application or can it be abstracted and placed at a higher level?  

In this session, we will look at the concept of a Services Mesh and how it helps you putting the responsibilities in the right place. We will take an existing set of microservices and break them down to the absolute minimum.

About the speakers



Software Engineer at Luminis /Amsterdam

Rafaëla is a software engineer at Luminis in Amsterdam and driven to solve problems with creative solutions. She is very involved in the development of backend systems in Java with Spring. This is including the surrounded technologies needed to test and monitor the produced applications. In her spare time, she also likes to keep up-to-date with frontend technologies such as Angular and React.



Software Architect at Luminis /Amsterdam

Jeroen is a software architect at Luminis and is very passionate about software engineering and engineering culture. He likes to share his broad knowledge and helps the organizations he works with to apply practices like Continuous Delivery to reach a new level of productivity.
He has a strong Java background and is committer and active community member on several open source projects at the Apache Software Foundation.

Jeroen was voted as best rated speaker of DevCon 2018!

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