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- 17:30
Expo Theater

What you didn’t know you wanted to know about the JVM

The Java Virtual Machine is a marvel of modern technology, and arguably the biggest asset that Oracle acquired when buying Sun. But have you ever thought about the small miracles that happen when you use it? We will give you an appreciation of this VM by going into the compilation process and how bytecode is interpreted, visit some of the levels of optimization, and take a look at the garbage collector. To top it all of, we’ll have a short detour to the Dalvik VM, and show how its constraints lead to different tradeoffs.

About the speakers


Angelo van der Sijpt

Fellow at Luminis /Eindhoven

Angelo is a Fellow at Luminis Eindhoven, with a specialty in Connected Devices and Security. He has experience in technology as an engineer and architect, ranging from Java to Ruby to iOS with some agile coaching thrown in for good measure. Nowadays, his main question is “are we providing what our customer needs,” both in starting and ongoing projects. Angelo is active in consulting, architecting, engineering, coaching and training in all parts of the software engineering process, and is inordinately proud of his Wireshark skills.