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Whispp: no stuttering thanks to AI speech technology

When stuttering people whisper, they stutter up to 85% less. Whispp places a whisper-to-speech conversion model between a stutterer and their conversation partner, so that they can talk freely, without stuttering. Find out about entrepreneurship, audio processing and deep learning in this talk about the Leiden-based start-up Whispp.

About the speakers


Bram Kooiman

Deep Learning Researcher at Whispp

Bram has studied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam and got involved with Whispp through an internship at Luminis early 2019. Innovations in audio and Deep Learning have always been high on his list of what fascinates most. He is now a Deep Learning Researcher/Developer at Whispp, where he pushes to keep innovating and keeps being fascinated.


Joris Castermans

Founder of Whispp

Joris worked as an Innovation Consultant, Business Developer and Alliance Manager in IT and Telecom. In 2018 he became an entrepreneur and founded the Leiden based AI speech technology start-up Whispp. Joris stutters himself, therefore it’s his motivation, and that of the Whispp team, to make the lives of people who stutter heavily a little easier and more fun.

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