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- 13:15
Cinema 4
Intermediate -

Zero-downtime Deployments for Real

Zero downtime deployments in the cloud era are the new standard. And while everybody starts to understand the importance of rolling, blue/green and canary deployments, the impact on your data is often overlooked. Where updating your application server is relatively simple, especially using container technology, making sure your persistence model can cope with all these changes in your application can be a lot harder. Your persistence model needs to be able to cope with upgrades, downgrades and potentially with multiple versions of the same application at once. Based on our own experience we show you how you can deal with data (migrations) both with single data backends and polyglot persistence.

About the speakers


Arjan Schaaf

DevOps architect at Luminis /Technologies

Arjan has been developing modular and web applications using Java, OSGi and Groovy for years as a software engineer and architect.
As a DevOps architect, Arjan has shift his focus to bringing development, operations and business together.
Arjan has a passion for bringing the work of many people together in the Cloud and making it run secure and reliable, using the latest offerings the public cloud and the Linux Container Ecosystem.


Xander Uiterlinden

Software Architect Luminis /Technologies

Xander is a software developer at Luminis. He has a broad experience in architecture, design and engineering of modular applications. He is a committer at the Apache Felix project contributing to the Apache Felix Dependency manager component and is also involved in several other smaller open source projects.