- 11:45
Cinema 1

Cloud is disrupting Design

Cloud is disrupting our world. It is vastly changing the way we develop, deploy and maintain our digital products. Although indirectly, it is also impacting the field of UX and UI design: the way designers work, the work they deliver and the way their work integrates into the development process. Some of these changes might be less visible or obvious, but they are real. Designers, developers and other professionals involved in digital product development should start taking these implications into account.

In this talk I will share my vision of the future of digital product design, showing examples and practices already emerging today.

About the speakers


Ivo Domburg

Designer at Luminis /Arnhem

Ivo is a designer with a broad experience in creating digital experiences. He is convinced you can’t be the best at what you do if you just stick to what you do best. That’s why he regularly writes about everyday human-technology relations and even tries to do some coding every once in a while. That doesn’t make him a writer or engineer, but he does believe it makes him a better designer.

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