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Did you connect?

Imagine the following: You’re at a conference and quickly notice how bad reception on your phone is. Luckily the conference you’re attending set up a WiFi hotspot for you, so one of the first things you’ll do is of course connect to that! Not just your phone, but you probably will connect your laptop/tablet as well if you brought those along. The conference WiFi is a safe environment with only likeminded people that would never have any bad intentions towards you, right?! But did you know that by connecting to these kind of networks, you are likely to expose yourself at a later moment, just because you connected to that conference network weeks before? So my question for you is:

Did you connect? In this talk I will show you the dangers of connecting to open networks, demo-ing real world examples and will show you live what the possibilities are for MrHackerGuy with this kind of attack.

keywords: #Security #WiFiPineapple #ManInTheMiddle

About the speakers


Byron Voorbach

Search & Data Engineer at Luminis /Amsterdam

Byron Voorbach is a Search & Data engineer at Luminis in Amsterdam. He has broad experience in security, backend development and Spring technologies. For the last 5 years, Byron has mostly been working with the Elastic Stack, taking a great interest in building and optimizing search engines. He loves to go to music festivals and travel in his spare time.

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