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Game development for the richest man in the world; Experiences from a Dutch boy in Seattle

For the last 2 years I have been part of Amazon Game Studio. A US-based company for which I did Technical Project Direction for the game that accompanies the Amazon Prime hit series The Grand Tour. The game features a unique concept of running alongside the TV show, and with each new weekly episode, new content will be added to the game. While we cannot talk about specifics developing the game itself because of legal obligations, I will share some stories about working hard and long, about culture and travel and about game development in general.

About the speakers


Robinvan Kaathoven

IT Consultant at Luminis /Arnhem

Robin is an opinionated IT Consultant. Efficiency drives his goal-driven approach to building value for customers. A development process can always be improved upon, your use-cases can always be sharper, your versioning rules can always be cleaner, and your business can always evolve into something more.

The ‘business’ is not a boogieman trying to stop us from coding, we just need to help them understand what we need to code efficiently. Robin will help the business get what they need (not what they think they want) and empower the technicians to create the transcended solutions for users they so covet.”

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