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Introduction to Cloud Native Computing

As we gained experience with PaaS, VMs, containers, DevOps, continuous integration and microservices architectures, a new IT environment arose from this melting pot. By building greenfield applications with the intent of using agile application development and architecting specifically for the cloud, a new model evolved: Cloud Native Computing.

The overall objective of this new approach is to improve speed, scalability and ultimately profit margin for the enterprise. This is not just for internet-scale giants like Twitter, Netflix or Facebook, but also for typical workloads of most enterprises.  But how does that work? And what is the impact of such architecture on how we design and develop software? This session will explain the concepts of Cloud Native Architecture and the impact on traditional system design.

About the speakers



Fellow, Director of Technology Outreach at Luminis

A frequent speaker on Java, Cloud, and software architecture all over the world. Book author, and serial conference organizer. Bert Ertman was awarded the coveted title of Java Champion in 2008, and is a JavaOne RockStar speaker and Duke’s Choice award winner.

Bert was voted as best rated speaker of DevCon 2018!

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