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Meeting avoidance architectures – or modularisation anti-patterns

Modularisation is one of these things everyone talks about, is discussed on every major conference, is tried by lots of people as the solution to all problems, but proves to be a challenging solution. Whether it is because everyone thinks it is THE best strategy to migrate or rebuild monoliths or the ultimate basis for a whole new generation of systems, modularity is at the heart of most modern development strategies. However, if you look critically at the succesfactors of applying modularisation strategies, you will see that these go far beyond the tools, technologies and even processes.

Modularisation is actually nothing new and has been a big theme throughout my entire career and over time also proved to be a way of thinking that applies on entire organisations. In this presentation I would like to share some insights into patterns and anti-patterns in the field of modularisation and how to approach a number of the inherent challenges that are always lurking around the corner if you want to modularise a challenging problem. And although I will tough upon a number of mechanistic aspects of modularisation, I will discuss the softer and more challenging side of modularity as well and with that help people to be at less useless meetings and spend more time on actual value creation and meaningful work.

About the speakers


Hans Bossenbroek

Co-founder & CEO of Luminis

Hans Bossenbroek is one of the founders and Chief Executive of Luminis. After a long career working for consultancy organisations and doing freelance jobs, Hans concluded that the potential of IT, the inherent complexity of software engineering and the power of innovation can only be unlocked by harnessing the power of the collective. It may seem strange, but this coincides with his love for jazz music, diving and mountaineering. They all build upon the aptitude, discipline and persistence of the individual in a team.

This complex reality is aptly described by Neil Young: “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”.

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