- 16:15
Cinema 4

The dance we call consultancy; How you will be more successful as a choreographer

I can’t dance

I can’t talk

Only thing about me is the way I walk

I can’t dance

I can’t sing

I’m just standing here selling everything


Genesis references stereotypical males that look the part and walk the walk, but lack the intellectual capacity to bring anything substantial to the table.

Invert the stereotypical image of ‘that guy in the suit’ and you’ll find a stereotype of the average IT consultant. 

In this talk we’ll explain why it is important to dance. To be heard and to be able channel the amazing excess intellectual capacity left after dancing into something infinitely more valuable than any single line of code you will write this year.

You might not be broken beyond repair. Join me.

About the speakers


Robin van Kaathoven

IT Consultant at Luminis /Arnhem

Robin is an opinionated IT Consultant. Efficiency drives his goal-driven approach to building value for customers. A development process can always be improved upon, your use-cases can always be sharper, your versioning rules can always be cleaner, and your business can always evolve into something more.

The ‘business’ is not a boogieman trying to stop us from coding, we just need to help them understand what we need to code efficiently. Robin will help the business get what they need (not what they think they want) and empower the technicians to create the transcended solutions for users they so covet.”

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