Bram Kooiman

Bram has studied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam and got involved with Whispp through an internship at Luminis early 2019. Innovations in audio and Deep Learning have always been high on his list of what fascinates most. He is now a Deep Learning Researcher/Developer at Whispp, where he pushes to keep innovating and keeps being fascinated.

Roy Honders

Roy is an ambitious, entrepreneurial software engineer with a passion for sharing his knowledge. In his free time, he loves reading books and exploring nature & cities. Although he doesn’t write off any programming languages as bad, he mostly uses Javascript (Angular and Node) and Kotlin/Java. Starting his career at Luminis he worked on internet of things projects while simultaneously developing his cloud knowledge by deploying applications to the cloud. Also in his free time, Roy works on a few projects including building websites and blogging.

Niels Dommerholt

Niels is a freelance software engineer / architect with over 15 years of experience working on complex enterprise projects. He’s passionate about a wide range of software engineering topics, such as clean code, CI/CD, architecture, frameworks and programming concepts. This passion he likes to express in trainings, blog posts, magazine articles and talks. His focus when developing solutions for clients is to strike an optimal balance between adding value in the short term and building maintainable systems in the long term.

Ryan Susana

Ryan is a freelance software engineer that has been writing code for nearly 10 years. He enjoys creating beautiful, expressive and innovative products for small to medium businesses. He specializes in developing modern frontend and backend solutions with tools like Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, the Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes and as of recently Dart/Flutter.

Ryan believes that the true lifeblood of software is open source. In his spare time he contributes to the open-source community and enjoys organizing large and fun parties.

Max van de Ven

Na de studie Communicatie en Multimedia design heeft Max een grote interesse in UX en gebruikers ontdekt. Ondertussen is hij alweer een aantal jaar werkzaam binnen het communicatie- en marketingvakgebied, maar zijn passie voor UX helpt Max bij de dagelijkse vraagstukken. Verder heeft hij interesse in front end development, muziek en de digitale wereld!

Robin van Kaathoven

Robin is an opinionated IT Consultant. Efficiency drives his goal-driven approach to building value for customers. A development process can always be improved upon, your use-cases can always be sharper, your versioning rules can always be cleaner, and your business can always evolve into something more.

The ‘business’ is not a boogieman trying to stop us from coding, we just need to help them understand what we need to code efficiently. Robin will help the business get what they need (not what they think they want) and empower the technicians to create the transcended solutions for users they so covet.”

Freek van Teeseling

I have a background in A.I. (Nijmegen) and have always been active in innovative and challenging environments. I call myself Solution Architect, Product Evangelist, Coach and Team Manager. Always working in business and domain modelling, knowledge systems, low-code platforms, Dynamic Case Management and generic software platforms. Started my career as a hardcore programmer, but soon discovered that modelling and architecture, teaching and conceptualizing is way more my area. Combine that with an interest in delivering software, ICT based solutions and making customers happy, you end up in modelling environments and PAAS. Worked for Universities, LCN, Planon, Dutch Police, Be Informed, and Blueriq. Right now I am active for InformationGrid, the new Data-as-a-Service Platform from Luminis.

Sofie van den Borne

Sofie is een ambitieuze full stack software engineer bij Luminis met ruime ervaring in uiteenlopende projecten waarin ze zowel backend- als front-end werk op zich neemt. Ze kijkt met een kritische blik naar wat er gebouwd moet worden en hoe dat zo goed mogelijk te doen. Daarbij vindt ze het belangrijk om goed te communiceren met de klant om gezamenlijk naar de juiste oplossing te zoeken.

Emily Bakker

I am a student in Human Factors & Engineering Psychology at the University of Twente. During my bachelors in psychology, I became more and more drawn to the development of software and technology. My interests lie in the diverse aspects of human technology interaction. For example how to align systems to the brain capacities of the end use, how to foster information processing through interface design and how do we learn about the machine. I did research into the development of mental models and misconceptions of programming with children, and have experience in teaching programming to psychology students at university  of applied sciences. Right now, I am doing research in the development of systematic method for aligning end-user development tools (including low-code) to the mental models of their users. Besides that, I work on projects with InformationGrid.

Evertson Croes

Evertson has been working as a software engineer at Luminis for over 5 years. He is interested in connecting the real world to the digital world by using technology. This is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), which was the topic of his master thesis and which he works on every day at Luminis through the BDR project (Smart thermostat). He has worked the last four years on this project in the capacity of front-end and back-end engineer. In his free time he also works with a group called Palmera Bytes who are developing a Cloud Native app using AWS Amplify.